Archana Shetty MBA, PMP, ACC

Executive Leadership Coach | Mentor | Consultant | CEO, WELead Coaching and Consulting, WELead Coaching and Consulting Executive Leadership Coach, Mentor and Consultant, Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive and Team Coach, Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Certified Associate and Coach, Host of the Inspirational Leadership Summit (, Founder of Nextgenleadership - an evidence based transformational leadership model, Founder of Nextgenleaders Forum, Over 20 years of leadership experience in a multi national, multi cultural, multi generational, diverse and large organization, MBA, PMP, ICF certified ACC, Appeared in Mindfulness Mode Podcast, Work From The Inside Out Podcast, Blogs on LinkedIn,

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Archana Shetty helps high achievers close the leadership gap, take them from they are to where they are capable of being. She helps them become emotionally intelligent, Inspirational leaders of the next generation without burning out

Archana is an executive leadership coach and mentor. Her expertise is in emotional intelligence and peak performance. She empowers leaders to become impactful, inspirational leaders of the next generation without burning out.

She is the founder of nextgenleadership, a model for transformational leadership based on evidence based practices to develop emotional intelligence, effectiveness & wellbeing for impactful leadership. She is also the host of an amazing online leadership summit – Inspirational Leadership Summit.

She serves in a senior leadership position in a leading organization of the MENA region and has over 20 years of experience leading multi national, multi cultural, multi generational, diverse and large global teams.

She coaches, mentors executives, high achievers, high potential leaders on leadership development and career advancement. She helps organizations leverage emotional intelligence to build a customer centric, engaged and productive work culture. She speaks on topics of Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, High Performance, Stress Management, Burnout, Conflict Management and Work Life Integration

She is a Marshall Goldsmith Certified Executive and Team Coach, Certified associate and coach with Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence Program and an ICF certified coach. She has a MBA from University of Bradford (UK), PMP, 2 diplomas in Computer Science and a degree in Ayurveda.

Her WHY is to create a positive impact on many lives as possible.

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