Gregory Cajina

Co-Founder, CORe School of Leaders Leader + entrepreneur + education advisor. International speaker + bestseller author. Founder Core School of Leaders and The Inner Change Program. [Un]teacher.

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Gregory Cajina is an entrepreneur, advisor, educator and a respected author on the fields of leadership, education, entrepreneurship and personal development.

As an expert in Neuroscience, he has trained, mentored and coached more than ten thousand people: corporate, public administration and private; and has designed and delivered leadership development programmes for several universities, international business schools and the Ministry of Education in Germany. He is also the founder of the high-impact development programmes from The CORe School of Leaders and El Cambio Interior (The Inner Change).

As a speaker, he has participated in numerous events, including the International Congress on Neurosciences and Education; the Neuroscience, Entrepreneurship and Education Congress; Expocoaching Spain, and the International Coach Federation and the International Coaching Community Congresses. He has often been hosted on the media, television, radio and national press.

He was one of the top 50 coaches (and first one in Spain), to pass in 2003 the exam from the International Association of Coaching. He was a member of the committee of international experts from the Spanish Association of Educational Coaching and a founder member of the European Institute of Resilience.

Author of the international bestsellers 'Tu mente es extraordinaria' (2015) and 'Rompe con tu zona de confort' (2013) ('Your mind is extraordinary'; 'Break out of your comfort zone').

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Gregory Cajina