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Patricia Zeegers is the Founder, CEO and Sr. Strategic Business Consultant of Business Basecamp. She built her career as a Human Resources professional with EMEA wide responsibility at NIKE for 13 years, and worked as an Independent Strategic Business and HR Consultant throughout Europe for 10 years. In 2018 she started to expand Business Basecamp turning it into a full service boutique consultancy for small and medium sized businesses located in the countries around the Mediterranean Sea who have women in leadership roles. -----

In addition Patricia serves on the board of PWN Global (Professional Women’s Network) where she provides leadership to the Global Entrepreneurship Committee. Previously she participated in the Global Strategy Committee and served on the board of PWN Barcelona, first as VP of Mentoring after which she took on the President role. -----

She is also one of the experts at Oxygen4LeadershipLABs, a series of monthly live-streamed panel discussions on leadership topics.

Patricia is committed to the UN’s sustainable development goal of gender equality. She strongly believes that the empowerment and participation of women is essential to drive positive and lasting changes. She is especially keen to see this change in the Mediterranean area where she feels women empowerment will support stabilization of the region and build stronger economies. -----

The primary values that drive Patricia in her every day dealings are equality and empowerment. She strives to make a difference with each and every action she takes.

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