Philippe Bailleur

Progression Designers, Co-Founder Progression Designers 20 year of experience as an Organizational, Team and Executive Coach Author of several books, articles, and blogs Keynote Speaker & Leadership trainer

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Trained as an Officer in the Belgian Airforce. Worked as a Personnel Manager on an Airforce Base. Trained in Rescue and Crisis Management after a deadly aircraft crash with 41 deadly victims in 1996. From then on Philippe has been trained in a broad range of fields: NLP, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Voice Dialogue, Appreciative Inquiry, Solution Focused, Systemic Work with Family, Structural and Organizational Constellation, Holacracy, Trauma Work, ...

At this moment, Philippe is working as an Organizational, Team and Executive Coach. He is the author of several books, articles, and blogs and is often invited as a Keynote Speaker. He also shares his Organizational Development experience via his trainings for professionals.

The interplay between his experience and deep curiosity in the nature of things is what inspires him to carve his professional path.

You can follow the work of Philippe via several websites: (Dutch website);;;;

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Philippe Bailleur