Rina Goldenberg Lynch

Creating Inclusive teams & leaders | Embedding inclusive behaviours, Voice At The Table I help companies become more successful with the benefit of gender balance and diversity of thought by building inclusive teams and leaders.

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I run a gender diversity and inclusion consultancy. I design and implement D&I strategy that delivers real change. The future looks very different from today and I believe that, investing in people today will help you survive and thrive as a business tomorrow.

I help businesses use diversity as a competitive edge by developing corporate cultures in which individuals of all backgrounds are respected and valued. In this way, teams are able to leverage the diversity of their members.

With the help of my team of experts, I’m able to offer a variety of services, including consulting, training, facilitation, panel moderation, e-learning and coaching.

I have worked with big companies and small, including Accenture, BBC, HSBC, Hitachi, SMBC, SmartestEnergy, TI Media, TalkTalk and many others.

I speak on this topic and contribute to the advancement of women by speaking to audiences across the private and public sectors, as well as schools and non-profit organisations. I sit on the Board of the London chapter of the Professional Women’s Network and am frequently asked to judge awards events honouring women’s professional achievements.

If you're serious about gender balance and inclusion, then get in touch to find out how I can help you future-proof your business by building inclusive teams and harnessing the diversity of your people.

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