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Bonus LAB - The disease to please (Track 1 Free Session)

A Talk by Jennifer Crittenden , Bobby Henebry CFA , Sandra Leigh and Tracy May

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About this Talk

Is it time for you to work on ending your people-pleasing tendencies and being too nice?

The desire to be wonderful in all circumstances, to be thoughtful and friendly and make everyone around you to feel good is particularly prevalent among women.

Your disease to please will undermine your ability to make clear decisions, impair your judgment, and leave you vulnerable to manipulation.

Learn how to push back against the disease to please and stop feeling guilty.

Join us for this oxygen4leadershipLAB and learn from our international leadership experts how to build your leadership to make a difference in the world.

About The Speakers

Sandra Leigh

Sandra Leigh

Relationship Intelligence Speaker and Coach, Connect with Sandra

Bobby Henebry

Bobby Henebry CFA

Founder, Chord Savvy and HBCC

Entrepreneur, investor, global speaker, musician, leadership facilitator, and passionate helper of people the world over!

Tracy May

Tracy May

Managing Director, The Diversitas Group

Chief Executive Officer at The Diversitas Group

Jennifer Crittenden

Jennifer Crittenden

Career Consultant | Trainer | Writer | Former CFO | Board Member, The Discreet Guide

MBA, Finance, MIS, Kelley School of Business, Indiana University. BA, French, Linguistics, CELTA Certificate to Teach English as a Second Language