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Expert Talk - Driving Change for Inclusion (Track 3 Free Session)

A Talk by Rina Goldenberg Lynch and Inge Woudstra

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Organisations of the future need to attract the best talent, and work effectively in constantly changing teams across the world. Not only have societies become increasingly less homogenous, work teams certainly have. This means that to be successful your teams need to not just be open to differences, but also value differences.

Yet, how to shape a culture that is welcoming difference? How to shape your culture so your people can be productive in mixed gender teams, across cultures, religions, class and ethnicity? Do you really need to, and why? What benefits will it bring? What are the risks of not doing it? What works? Which steps do you need to take? And what are the benefits it will bring?

Rina Goldenberg Lynch and Inge Woudstra – founders of The Big Fish Diversity & Inclusion Academy, share their experience with you. They show you what the science says, and what works for their clients.

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Rina Goldenberg Lynch

Rina Goldenberg Lynch

Creating Inclusive teams & leaders | Embedding inclusive behaviours, Voice At The Table

I help companies become more successful with the benefit of gender balance and diversity of thought by building inclusive teams and leaders.

Inge Woudstra

Inge Woudstra

Gender Difference Expert | Gender Diversity & Inclusion Consultant | Women Leadership Trainer

Gender Difference Expert. Gender Diversity & Inclusion Consultant. Women Leadership Trainer

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