Heather Hansen O'Neill

Live Power Stage - Ignite Your Purpose -3 Secrets to go from burnout to a life of freedom (Plenary Free Session)

A Talk by Heather Hansen O'Neill (Speaker | Author | Coach and Igniter of Inner Fire, Find your Fire)

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Leadership is not about titles and corporate ladders any longer. It’s not a top down philosophy- it’s an inside out one. True leadership is a genuine interest in influencing another’s life in a positive way. And that ability to see the bigger picture, connect deeper, and make a difference is ultimately what reduces everyday stress and creates space for growth, success, stronger relationships, and joy. This dynamic session will help you find the purpose that underlies leadership. We all have a reason, a purpose, something bigger than ourselves that we are meant to do. Heather’s job is to Ignite that Inner Flame, to help you find and use your purpose in a way that fulfills you, so you generate the energy and leadership to light the way for those around you. • Uncover your inner purpose • Release the fears and limits that could keep you from following it • Create your plan of action to move forward as a Purpose Driven Leader

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Heather Hansen O'Neill

Heather Hansen O'Neill

Speaker | Author | Coach and Igniter of Inner Fire, Find your Fire

Award-winning speaker, author, adventurer, entrepreneur, and philanthropist using her action-packed experience to Fire Up audiences. She stimulates vibrant energy, focus, and action for those who want to collaborate effectively, lead change and achieve massive results.