Kyla Mitsunaga Helena Demuynck

Interview - Kyla's Journey (Track 1 Free Session)

A Talk by Helena Demuynck and Kyla Mitsunaga

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About this Talk

Kyla's story on her journey of building confidence and finding her unique content to bring to the world

About The Speakers

Helena Demuynck

Helena Demuynck

Authentic Leadership Coach, oxygen4leadership

Authentic Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Kyla Mitsunaga

Kyla Mitsunaga

Founder | Chief Happiness Inspirer (CHI) | Author | TED Speaker | Theta HealingĀ® Practitioner, WITH Warriors LLC

Certified Theta HealingĀ® Practitioner + Instructor | Certified Life Coach | Certified Happiness Coach | Award-Winning Professor | TED Speaker | Author | Global Inspirational/Motivational Speaker | Founder of The Happiness Workshop | Founder of WITH Warriors LLC | Global Retreat Facilitator | Seoul Startups Mentor