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Interview - Why curiosity is the key to improving innovation, engagement & productivity (Track 3 Free Session)

A Talk by Helena Demuynck and Dr. Diane Hamilton PhD

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About this Talk

Employees can be more innovative, engaged and productive by improving their natural curiosity, but they must be trained to do so and be rewarded for their efforts. Harvard Business Review found that while 83 percent of C-suite executives believe they encourage curiosity, only 52 percent of employees feel they are rewarded for their curiosity—and are therefore less likely to provide innovative ideas to the organization.

HR professionals and leaders can benefit from recent groundbreaking research discoveries regarding what affects curiosity. Once organizations recognize and overcome the four factors that hold people back from being curious, they can develop training and development plans to unleash it.

Learning Objectives:

Determine how four factors—Fear, Assumptions, Technology, and Environment (FATE)—have an impact on curiosity.

Learn strategies for overcoming the factors that hold back curiosity.

Discover the Curiosity Quotient (CQ) and Curiosity Code Index (CCI).

Recognize the importance of leaders who reward improvement in curiosity.

About The Speakers

Helena Demuynck

Helena Demuynck

Authentic Leadership Coach, oxygen4leadership

Authentic Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Diane Hamilton

Dr. Diane Hamilton PhD

CEO | Author | Creator of the Curiosity Code Index, Tonnera

CEO, Author, Keynote Speaker, Curiosity Code Index Creator, Syndicated Radio Host, Board Member, Behavioral Expert