Fateme Banishoeib

Live Special Event - The Poetry of Leadership (Plenary Free Session)

A Talk by Fateme Banishoeib (Business heARTist | Founder ReNEWBusiness | Speaker | Poet, ReNEWBusiness)

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In this interactive special event we will engage in a dialogue on what it means to have a human experience of Leadership. Building thriving organisations for the 21st is going to take a shift in how we think about leadership – one that evokes individual leadership in each one of us. Our professional clothes, construct, models are not designed for entering uncharted and muddy depths of human existence and evolution. We may have a sense that there is a lake of possibilities, which we keep postponing to a better, later time. Yet, this intuition is the very edge of our fear. We stand at the edge of it awaiting to step into those possibilities. What does it take to have the courage to immerse in the waters of possibilities? I am afraid we cannot answer it with the talismans of 21st Century: laptops, mobile phones, VR, AR. Can we? Those smart technologies, prepared speeches, excel spreadsheets seem to take us down instead. The confusion, paradoxes and complexities are difficult to navigate only with our logic minds. We will discover the power of imagination and language a leader must tap into to inspire and live wholeheartedly. Why poetry? Poetry re-affirms our humanity and re-awakens our inner wisdom. It can help us re-membering the heART that makes us alive. Through the use of paradoxes and metaphors poetry challenges the myths and practices of those overly focussed only on outcome, profit and results and, it guides us to increased: well-being, engagement and meaning

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About The Speakers

Fateme Banishoeib

Fateme Banishoeib

Business heARTist | Founder ReNEWBusiness | Speaker | Poet, ReNEWBusiness

Business heARTist - Founder ReNEWBusiness - Speaker - Poet