Ana Oliveira Pinto

Executive Coach and Talent Development Consultant

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Ana is an accredited Executive Coach and Consultant in Talent Development. With 25 years’ experience, Ana works regularly in an international setting, as well as in a high variety of working and market environments, and across a wide range of industries. This has enabled Ana to develop a deep inter-cultural sensitivity and an inclusive mindset. In her individual coaching practice, Ana has specialized in working with executives in transition periods and has also developed a specialism in gender diversity and gender intelligence.

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Learn how to measure and grow your flow in your organization by understanding your own Talent Dynamics profile and those of your team members. Through Talent Dynamics, you learn more about your natural strengths and how you relate to others through the things you are naturally good at or not so good at as a leader. Take part in Talent Dynamics test and e-mail me ([email protected]) request for a Talent Dynamics briefing session, for first 5 people I will do a FREE briefing session. The principle behind Talent Dynamics is that individuals, teams and companies are at their best when they are in flow. Put simply, flow is your path of least resistance. While many profiling tools exist, Talent Dynamics provides an explicit path to building trust and flow.


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