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Hans Demeyer

Hans Demeyer

Supplier of Optimism & Inspiration | Pubic Speaker | Breinpiraat | Chief Enthusiasm Officer

Supplier of Optimism & Transformation

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About this Speaker

Hans has been a premium source of joy, inspiration and optimism since the early 90s. He is puzzled by how our brains function and how this impacts our lives, our stories and our society. He combines elements from the worlds of neuroscience, psychology, cognitive behavioural science, neurolinguistic programming with +30.000 hours of in-field experience and pours the result into inspiring keynotes, books, blogs, vlogs and workshops. Audiences all around the world say they like his far-from-the box non-conformist style and vision.

Hans is serial entrepreneur, author and co-founder of BREINPIRATEN. Breinpiraten promote “mental strength” for children, adolescents and everybody who is curious to discover and apply the hidden potential inside in a natural way. His book “Breinpiraten for kids” serves as guide in a some schools who integrated the Breinpiraten methodology in the official course curriculum.

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