Mahdi Brown ND

Founder of ỌKAN and the ỌKAN Journey® | Health Consultant and Advisor, ỌKAN Naturopathic Medical Doctor Transformational Life Coach

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Dr. Mahdi Brown is the founder of ‘The ỌKAN Journey’, which is a philosophy, program, and way of life that is created with one mission, to help you take the power of your health back into your hands. For Dr. Mahdi, health is a holistic affair; it is not comprised of just who you are as a physical body. Health consist of what he calls the domains of Spirit, Mind, Emotions, Body, Relationships, Contribution, and Environment. These domains embody who you are as a whole person and so does your health. He believes the power over your health does not rest in your doctor’s hands or in any powder, pill, or potion that he or she can prescribe. The power of your health is within you. His goal is to guide you along the way and help you access this extraordinary power, so that you may heal and transform your life into its highest possible expression. Dr. Mahdi holds an N.D. in naturopathic medicine from the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, with clinical specialties in Evidence-Based Medicine, Mind & Body Medicine, Stress Management, and Applied-Clinical Nutrition. He also holds BA in Philosophy from the University of South Carolina and is certified as a Transformational Life Coach.

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Mahdi Brown