Mykola Latansky

Large-scale thinking coach | #1 Success Trainer & Coach in the Russian-speaking world, Academy of True Success Large-scale thinking coach, #1 Success Trainer and Coach in the Russian-speaking world

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CAREER Mykola Latansky is the large-scale thinking coach and the first Russian-speaking motivational speaker. #1 Success Trainer and Coach in the Russian-speaking world. TV host. Creator of innovative techniques of self-discovery and author of several books. His passion is helping people discover their true purpose and meaning and he does so with his exceptional skills and extraordinary insight. Mykola has clients circling the globe in more than 70 countries. Whether as a trainer, coach, or speaker, Mykola inspires others to become their very best.

EXPERIENCE In 12+ plus years of sharing his own genius for training others, Mykola has conducted hundreds of workshops, served as a group coach and mentor for his online programs. He’s recorded more than 1,000 hours of audio and video lessons for his clientele. He has created more than ten unique programs helping others discover their inner genius. He and his extraordinary wife Tatiana have built one of the most successful training companies in the world.

EDUCATION Mykola has a diploma with the distinction of Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He graduated from the Chartered Institute of Marketing. He is an aspirant of the University of Metaphysics of Sedona, US. Mykola invested over $800,000 into his education, learning from the best teachers and masters in the world.

BUSINESS Mykola has earned more than $5 million doing what he loves. He is the President of the Academy of True Success with headquarters in the USA, Estonia, and Ukraine. Mykola is creator of the TRUE SUCCESS™ Movement.

WORLDWIDE INFLUENCE Mykola’s clientele reaches around the globe to 70 countries on six continents. He has spoken live in 31 countries with audiences upwards of 1000+ people.

RECOGNITION Mykola is a member of a global network of industry-transforming entrepreneurs Maverick1000, the NSA Millionaire Dollars Speaker's Club, the Global Speakers Federation, the National Speakers Association (NSA) in the United States, and the German Speakers Association (GSA). He is also a speaker of TEDx and dozens of other prestigious conferences.

PERSONAL LIFE Mykola loves traveling and has already visited 76 countries. He is happily married. Mykola is fluent in 4 languages (English, German, Russian and Ukrainian). He is a cross-continental and open water marathon swimmer. Mykola is a vegetarian since 2009, and a raw foodist vegan since 2016.

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Mykola Latansky

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Mykola Latansky