Olga Martens-Stuurman

Director Support Training & Content, HP Customer Support Executive Known for managing global, complex operations at scale, and building and leading high performance teams while preparing them for Work of the Future.

About this speaker

Olga Martens-Stuurman is based in Amstelveen, the Netherlands. She has fulfilled several Global and EMEA leadership positions in HP’s Customer Support organization. Olga gained deep insight in customer needs through 20+ years of Customer Service. She is currently leading the worldwide Support Training and Content organization at HP.

Olga has a master’s degree in Political Sciences from the University of Amsterdam and has completed several executive courses at INSEAD, Harvard and Nijenrode University. Olga is very interested in new digital technologies and applications, loves to learn and is passionate about people. She spends a lot of time and energy on developing diverse, high-performance teams and the Future of work.

Olga likes singing and scuba diving as well as cooking and sharing good wine with family and friends.

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