Silvia Damiano Juan Carlos Cubeiro Villar

Power Stage - Brainfriendly Leadership (Plenary VIP Session)

A Talk by Juan Carlos Cubeiro Villar and Silvia Damiano

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About this Talk

Join Silvia Damiano & Juan Carlos Cubeiro, Head of Talent at Manpower Group from Spain in understanding the importance of getting to know your brain to expand your leadership potential. This session is based on their upcoming “Brain-Friendly Leadership” 2020 book, which explores the 9 habits to develop a future-fit mind.

Juan Carlos Cubeiro is the Head of Talent at Manpower Group in Spain.

Silvia Damiano is the Founder & CEO of the About my Brain Institute and Director of the Make Me A Leader Documentary.

About The Speakers

Juan Carlos Cubeiro Villar

Juan Carlos Cubeiro Villar

Head of Talent, Manpower Group

Head of Talent ManpowerGroup | CEO Right Management | Talento-Liderazgo-Coaching | Líder Humanista

Silvia Damiano

Silvia Damiano

Founder & CEO | Author | Speaker | Neurocoach, About my Brain Institute

Scientist - Biology & Social Sciences Leadership Development Expert Executive Coach Neuroscience of Leadership Specialist