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Expert Interview - Innovators and Failure - the dynamic duo (Track 3 Free Session)

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About this talk

What is failure really? Is there really such a thing or is it all made up by society and our own perception? I've never met someone who could say that life is a straight line so how do we handle "failure" as a leader? Typically, failing at anything is viewed as bad or negative, but what if instead we had the tools to shift our thoughts and perspectives at any given moment about this mindset and generate success based actions and results instead? The best of the best have experienced a failure mindset and have used it to their advantage.

How do you manage AND THRIVE in the world around you that subscribes to failure as a thing? Join me and see what is possible for you.

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Helena Demuynck

Authentic Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Alana Fulvio

Alana is “America’s top Talent Acquisition Strategist and Advisor for early-stage startups" and builds high performing WE cultures, around the world. Never before have Founders had access to these kinds of possibilities and ability to scale, right. Alana is a 13-time World Record holding Athlete and spent 16+ years as one of Silicon Valley's most sought after Recruiters and Talent Advisors scaling startups and is renowned for multiple successes having trained and transformed hiring teams (the non-hr) into world-class hiring leaders capable of attracting the best talent in a competitive market. Alana has partnered directly with globally renowned Silicon Valley Executives and their teams at Linkedin, GoPro, dv01, Medallia, AMD, etc.. and Founded Pendulum based on her experiences. She saw an opportunity for startups to scale earlier, better and with high-performing employees, so she created solutions and a company to support them. Alana believes that a company's greatest asset is their people, current and future, and has created 5 game-changing Talent Acquisition solutions. Alana also serves Career Seekers and has coached over 7,000 amazing humans to discover their strengths, eliminate blind spots and gain the insight and skills they need to attain the career they deserve. She puts humans first, not resumes and her mantra is that it is in the WE where we thrive, together.

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