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Expert Talk - The Leader of the Future (Track 2 VIP Session)

A Talk by John Spence (Top business and leadership expert, John Spence LLC)

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About this Talk

Based on a recent TEDx talk I delivered, this presentation focuses on the key elements necessary to be a successful leader in the future. I will talk about the importance of being competent, having high EQ and developing what is known as AQ – adaptability quotient. I will also tie all this together by saying that the job of a leader is to leave a legacy of leadership.

  • You will understand how to increase their IQ/competency.

  • You will understand the importance of developing a higher level of EQ.

You will be exposed to the idea of adaptability quotient.

You will be challenged to become better leaders in your lives, families, communities and the world and to leave a legacy of leadership.

All of these outcomes will be accompanied by specific recommendations that you can take action on immediately.

About The Speakers

John Spence

John Spence

Top business and leadership expert, John Spence LLC

One of the top business and leadership experts in the world