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Expert Talk - Influential Leadership (Track 2 Free Session)

A Talk by Bobby Dsouza (Keynote Speaker | Motivational Speaker | Inspirational Speaker | Public Speaker | Author, Empower India Academia)

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In times when Leadership is unfortunately synonymous with the dominance of 'Yes boss' Culture where teams tend to either conform to their superior's because of fear or tend to resist directions completely!

Influential leadership is one of the prime solutions to be truly effective, leaders must master the ability to influence others. ... Effective leaders don't just command; they inspire, persuade, and encourage. Leaders who are influential have developed the ability to tap into the knowledge and skills of a group & individuals toward a common goal and draw out a commitment to achieve results.

In this presentation, you will learn tools that can help you to practically use the tools used by top influential leaders to get things done, quicker & without being stressed out or worked up!

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About The Speakers

Bobby Dsouza

Bobby Dsouza

Keynote Speaker | Motivational Speaker | Inspirational Speaker | Public Speaker | Author, Empower India Academia

He has inspired 27000 people & 137 corporations through live events. He has engaged 100,000 people through his podcast, blogs, youtube videos, articles & various social media contributions. He has a rich experience of 20 years in helping build human potential, Learning & development, ITES, ERP, B2B -business development, service excellence & hardcore sales -B2C, these diverse experiences helps him to connect to audiences from diverse industries, background & lifestyles He has influenced CEO's, senior leaders, large teams & organizations through his raw, inspiring keynote speeches, masterclass & public events He has already spoken to 6000 youths across several campuses with his signature keynote 'Painting the Picture of your Life' which has been a life transforming hit in the student circles The content is deliciously spiced with true stories, rich Leadership lessons from the champions in the industry & in fact Bob's crazy #FallentoRise inspirational journey that inspires thousands already! Bobby is highly passionate about creating the next levle of influential leaders He also engages a delighted audience through musical Expression i.e Djembe & Human percussion deriving life & Business lessons one keynote at a time Specialities: Motivational speaking, Building a success mindset, Fallen to Rise - Building Resilience Influential leadership, Disruptive innovation mindset,