Sotirios Makrygiannis Helena Demuynck

Interview - How can a leader create social impact in a complex world? (Track 3 Free Session)

A Talk by Helena Demuynck and Sotirios Makrygiannis

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About this Talk

Social impact organizations are marked by a unique and refreshing culture that is apparent throughout the organization, from the receptionist’s desk all the way to the boardroom.

This culture is focused on mission delivery above all else, where leaders are only concerned with revenue maximization for the sake of serving the cause, not themselves. For these reasons, social impact leaders must be extremely selfless and mission-driven.

Learn how a leader can create social impact in a complex world and explore the Critical Competencies for Social Impact Leaders

About The Speakers

Helena Demuynck

Helena Demuynck

Authentic Leadership Coach, oxygen4leadership

Authentic Leadership Coach & Facilitator

Sotirios Makrygiannis

Sotirios Makrygiannis

Founder, Eliademy

Entrepreneur I Inventor I Philosopher