Nick Kindler

Live Master Class - Exponential Communication (Track 3 VIP Session)

A Talk by Nick Kindler (Executive Speaker Coach | Speaker | Partner, Talk Boutique)

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In a world of exponential change, it's easy to become mired in jargon and technical language. But great leadership is all about communication, so it's up to every one of us, regardless of our expertise, to translate the complexities of our world so we can create a real impact. In this session, Nick Kindler speaks about two areas he has been passionately working in for more than 25 years: communication and innovation. Nick provides a framework for communicating with impact which includes:

You will learn:

The basic building blocks of communication Tips for translating innovation The neuropsychology of storytelling And other techniques to help you connect with your audience every time you present

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Nick Kindler

Nick Kindler

Executive Speaker Coach | Speaker | Partner, Talk Boutique

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