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Live Workshop - Position yourself Globally as a Leader (Track 2 VIP Session)

A Talk by Landi Jac and Mike Handcock

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Why make the NO#1 mistake most entrepreneurs make? They spend all of their time on plans, marketing, hard sell, and nothing on positioning. In fact most have no idea what it even is. In this workshop Landi will share how positioning is the KEY thing that has helped her businesses grow internationally. It's even the reason she was invited to speak in this series. You will learn how you can totally fast track results, in the simplest way possible, without having to change much at all for many of you. If you miss this session you will probably miss the simplest way to double your revenue in 2020. And if you are struggling to understand it you are also struggling to make ends meet, and working real hard. Isn't it time to stop all that ...

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About The Speakers

Landi Jac

Landi Jac

Founder, Global Director | Business Strategist | International Speaker, Worldwide Business Intelligence

Founder, Global Director @ Worldwide Business Intelligence | Business Strategist to Entrepreneurs in 40+ countries | Int’l Speaker

Mike Handcock

Mike Handcock

Chairman | Co-Founder Conscious Leadership Movement | Publisher LEAD Magazine, Circle of Excellence Group

Chairman: Circle of Excellence Group ★★★★★ Co-Founder: Conscious Leadership Movement, Publisher: LEAD Magazine