Anna Aleksandra Koj

Live Workshop - Unleash your inner creativity - 3 steps to your personal vision (Track 1 VIP Session)

A Talk by Anna Aleksandra Koj (Change Mindset Champion, Akronos Consulting)

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About this Talk

The workshop aims to encourage participants to take the time in their busy schedules to reflect on how they feel about what they do in and with their lives. It encourages them to work on their personal vision by practicing a few key elements: self-reflection with the aim to overcoming the biases and building self-awareness and creativity and open mind to grasp new opportunities. The broader goal is to leave participants with increased awareness and some concrete tools to allow them to practice the above, in order to work on their vision on their own, building satisfying and fulfilling careers and personal lives.

The underlying assumption is that while individuals take the time for self-reflection and work on their personal goals, they can adjust their career development plans accordingly, thus, making both for their own and their company’s/organization’s success.

As a Participant, you will come out of the session with:

  • a suggested guideline to developing their personal vision
  • concrete individual exercises to keep developing self-awareness
  • a thoughtful understanding of key elements needed in order to stay aligned in personal and professional life

About The Speakers

Anna Aleksandra Koj

Anna Aleksandra Koj

Change Mindset Champion, Akronos Consulting