Paul N Larsen

Expert Talk - Overcome Impostor Syndrome & Find Your Authentic VOICE as a Leader #NoFake #NoFraud (Track 1 VIP Session)

A Talk by Paul N Larsen (Impostor Syndrome Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author, Find Your VOICE as a Leader™)

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About this Talk

Today's global business community requires that leaders deal with Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity, (VUCA), on a minute-by-minute basis.

So how do you successfully lead yourself and your teams through this chaos and disruption while building a purposeful leadership brand?

How do you overcome feeling like a fake or a fraud when your Impostor Syndrome is triggered?

How do you craft an influential leadership voice with confidence and determination?

With originality and shots of passionate energy, Paul will show you how to author a unique leadership legacy while you deliberately create an engaging culture to future-proof your organization to thrive in our VUCA-world!

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About The Speakers

Paul N Larsen

Paul N Larsen

Impostor Syndrome Expert, Speaker, Coach, Author, Find Your VOICE as a Leader™

A Personal Note From Paul: Greetings oxygen4leadership participants! From flipping burgers as a clown on Main Street to leading HR as an executive on Wall Street, I have continually reinvented my leadership voice to thrive within all of the circus tents of our world. An Impostor Syndrome survivor, I have successfully coached and enthusiastically spoken to thousands of leaders and teams worldwide to overcome their self-doubt and find their confident V-O-I-C-E as a leader by: • Discovering their core Values • Creating their desired Outcomes • Building relationships with trust and Influence • Stepping into their Courage…and • Communicating their confident Expression to create a lasting legacy! Join my oxygen4leadership session as I help you overcome impostor syndrome and find your confident voice as a leader. See you virtually in February 2020! Paul