Philippa Penfold

Expert Talk - Leading and fostering collaboration across silos, and leading cross-functional teams (Track 3 Free Session)

A Talk by Philippa Penfold (HR | People & Culture | Technology in the Workplace | Future of Work, People Collider)

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Across workplaces today, the drive for innovation increasingly requires people to collaborate outside their usual functions. Technology has been behind a rise in the prevalence of cross-functional teams. This poses unique challenges for leaders, as they must often rely on their ability to influence in the absence of formal authority. Many team members have little experience working closely with people in other functions, raising the challenge for leaders and increasing the risk of failure. While many challenges increase, such as conflict and miscommunication, the rewards can also be greater for cross-functional teams who collaborate effectively. Leaders need to know how to manage the issues that often arise when people from different functions are brought together. Join this session to explore how to address the unique challenges of leading cross-functional teams and facilitating collaboration across silos.

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Philippa Penfold

Philippa Penfold

HR | People & Culture | Technology in the Workplace | Future of Work, People Collider

CEO & Co-Founder of People Collider