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Expert Talk - Leader Transformation: What they’re (still) not telling you in a leadership class (Track 3 VIP Session)

A Talk by Brant Cooper (Founder | NYT Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker, Moves the Needle)

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About this Talk

"Be authentic. Have empathy. Empower your people! Be agile!”

Does this sound familiar?

Responses from leaders are typically something like:

“I get it, those behaviors are spot on. Leadership in the 21st century requires all of these attributes, and more. But we also have a job to do. We have numbers to hit. We must execute! Can someone please tell me how we apply this neo-navel-gazing to driving organizational impact?"

"The world is changing rapidly. There’s increased complexity, accelerated pace, and obstacles looming around every corner. Although I know what got me here I am today, where do I go next."

First, you’re not alone. Leaders the world over struggle with the fact they know change is needed, but unsure how to make change, let alone lead it. Second, dealing with uncertainty is a new skill in itself. And third, yes, you need to leverage those “soft skills” to succeed.

What happens when you think like an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs live and lead in uncertainty. What can we learn from them?

In this exhilarating hour-long presentation, author and entrepreneur Brant Cooper will teach us the Enterprise Founder five steps to leading large organizations to growth and high impact. You’ll walk away ready to create your own blueprint for balancing search and execute across your organization in order to work more efficiently, increase productivity, and unlock new opportunities for growth.

Are you ready to be inspired?

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Brant Cooper

Brant Cooper

Founder | NYT Bestselling Author | Keynote Speaker, Moves the Needle

NYT Bestseller, The Lean Entrepreneur Startup Entrepreneur Consultant to global enterprises