David L. Peterson

Author | Serial entrepreneur | Extroverted innovator, i7strategies

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David Peterson has inspired international audiences to rethink how innovation happens in their organization. He helps business leaders foster a culture of innovation that capitalizes on workforce diversity and instills accountability for driving growth. As the founder and CEO of Goldleaf Technologies, a leading provider of electronic payments software and a pioneer in the fintech industry, David understands the critical need to combat status-quo thinking to achieve sustainable profits and competitiveness in any industry. He shares real world strategies and tools to foster an innovation mindset and encourages people to be innovative where they are regardless of job title. David is the author of the best-selling book Grounded: Anchored Management for Strategic Leadership and Effective Decision-Making (Little River Publishing, 2016). His approach to strategic innovation has been praised by everyone from C-Suite executives to entrepreneurs to millennials. David’s clients describe his keynotes as “highly engaging” and “packed with solid takeaways”.

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