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Round Table - Strategic DNA (Track 2 Free Session)

A Talk by Julian Sado CLC, CEIC , Dianna Anderson MCC , David L. Peterson and Patricia Zeegers

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About this Talk

Strategic DNA is a crucial component of all successful organizations. These vital qualities not only make leaders strategically savvy; they also help them pass on values and attributes to others and actively shape the future of the organization. Strategic DNA consists of seven essential qualities: Ownership, Tenacity, Risk, Agility, Awareness, Driving Change, and Vision. These critical characteristics allow leaders to deliver short-term results while they concurrently orchestrate the strategic changes needed for the organization to compete and survive over the long term.

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About The Speakers

Julian Sado

Julian Sado CLC, CEIC

Speaker | Executive Coach | Author | Consultant | NLP Practitioner | Behavioral Coach-SNLP, Pivot2change

1 Best Selling Amazon Author, Speaker, Licensed NLP Practitioner, Behavioral Coach-SNLP, CLC, CEIC

Dianna Anderson

Dianna Anderson MCC

Founder | CEO | Thought Leader instilling coaching cultures, Cylient

Dianna is the thought leader behind Cylient's unique, comprehensive approach for instilling coaching cultures.

David L. Peterson

David L. Peterson

Author | Serial entrepreneur | Extroverted innovator, i7strategies

Patricia Zeegers

Patricia Zeegers

Founder of Business Basecamp, Business Basecamp