Dianna Anderson MCC

Founder | CEO | Thought Leader instilling coaching cultures, Cylient Dianna is the thought leader behind Cylient's unique, comprehensive approach for instilling coaching cultures.

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Dianna Anderson, MCC, is the CEO of Cylient, and the creator of Cylient’s unique approach for instilling Change-Able® coaching cultures. The Coaching in the Moment® approach that Dianna created has enabled thousands of people, worldwide, to integrate coaching approaches into any conversation with anyone, at any time, in order to build connections and co-create new ways of thinking and working together.

Forbes calls Dianna a pioneer in the creation of coaching cultures. She recognized the transformational power of coaching as a leadership style in the early ‘90s when she began her coaching career.

Dianna co-authored Coaching that Counts, a widely recognized source for the business case on coaching in organizations. Dianna is one of the first graduates from Coach University and a founding member of the International Coach Federation. An accomplished speaker, Dianna addresses professional groups internationally on coaching-related topics. She taught coaching at the graduate level at Drake University. Dianna received her MBA from the Ivey School of Business in Canada. Dianna can be reached at [email protected] or 206-503-3646.

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