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Jackie Trottmann had a 22-year career as a top producer in radio sales and management. But with the constant ownership and management changes towards the end of that time, work was no longer a joy. It became soul sucking!

She left to pursue what her soul was calling her to do which was to write, create, and teach. Jackie has authored two books, three meditation CDs, and created multiple courses. Her focus is helping others to heal and let go so that they can live with joy and flow. She says, “It’s an inside job.”

Jackie knows first-hand about healing and letting go. She healed her relationship with food overcoming a 30-year eating disorder. She healed from co-dependency having grown up a violent alcoholic household. She also healed from the oppressive religious speak that distorted her view of God. Now, her relationship with God is the foundation of her peace and inspiration. To find out more how you can let go and live with joy and flow, visit JoyAndFlow.com.

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