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“ Thoughts are like T - shirts! You have to many of them and you usually wear the same ones over - and - over again .” Julian Sado

Julian is known as the “Neuro-Hacker”. He shares his journey starting from homeless at age 15 in East Los Angeles, to kick-boxing ring, becoming a Talent Agent in Hollywood, CA, celebrity kickboxing instructor, to top producing salesman, and leader in Corporate America; he achieved these feats in life by reinventing himself, infusing discoveries within many sciences on human potential. He has developed his own program, NeuroWhyology®, and shares thought provoking seminars to bring awareness to how others can transform through thoughts.

Owner of Pivot 2 Change, LLC, Julian has become a key contributor within multiple industries by focusing on leadership imperatives, employee and workplace depression, engagement, retention, consumer sales, and service perceptions. Julian’s mission is to inspire people to pivot their lives and change for the better.

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