Dr. Justin James Kennedy

Professor of Neuroscience I Executive Coach I Psychologist I Licensed Healthcare Practitioner & TEDx, ProfessorKennedy.com Neuroscientist, academic research psychologist, executive coach, health care professional, Keynote Speaker - Author at ProfKennedy.com

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My coaching and consulting for over 20 years have helped innumerable people and their corporations find professional success and sustain personal well-being. In many years of neuro-psychological research, I’ve published a brain-based coaching methodology. This improves cognitive performance and well-being, with a direct impact on financial and overall wellness. I hold academic roles with a Business School in Switzerland, Monarch Univ. and Canterbury University in the UK. I also supervise Ph.D. students to master their academic careers and teach at the Canadian University. My story from coma to professor is often picked up by the media who like calling me the "Brain Coach". But the truth is that my own journey doesn’t inspire me! Rather it’s the determination I see in my client’s commitment. My new book shares this research, hoping to revolutionize the way people use their own brains. This is to live happy, healthy lives and thrive in their careers. If you’re interested to hear more, please watch my TED talk or read my book, check out my website or simply get in touch here. I’m very approachable for everyone and would love to have a chat.

“Reboot Your Brain – A change of Mind changes Everything” - Available on Amazon

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Justin James Kennedy

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Justin James Kennedy