Kyla Mitsunaga

Founder | Chief Happiness Inspirer (CHI) | Author | TED Speaker | Theta Healing® Practitioner, WITH Warriors LLC Certified Theta Healing® Practitioner + Instructor | Certified Life Coach | Certified Happiness Coach | Award-Winning Professor | TED Speaker | Author | Global Inspirational/Motivational Speaker | Founder of The Happiness Workshop | Founder of WITH Warriors LLC | Global Retreat Facilitator | Seoul Startups Mentor

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I was depressed for 2 years of my life recently so I decided to take time off from my life to figure some stuff out. During that time I: • Wrote/published a book • Started a pop-up café in my apartment serving no-salt, no-sugar desserts • Became a certified life coach • Became a certified happiness coach • Became a certified theta healing® practitioner • Hired my own life coach and theta healing® practitioner • Launched my own retreats for women in Korea and the U.S. • Started my own Happiness Coaching Business • Most importantly, began loving being WITH myself and helping others do the same

Fun Facts About Me: • I was born and raised in Hong Kong where I spent the first 14 years of my life • British English is my first language although I also speak a little Cantonese, some Mandarin, and can get by in conversational Japanese and Korean • I have lived in South Korea for the past 9 years; I was a professor for 7 years before launching my own business • Being close to water makes me feel calm, which is why I love swimming, scuba diving, surfing, sailing, and just being near or in any kind of body of water • I love eating, finding good eats, and cooking/baking • My mother is Singaporean and my father is Japanese-American • I have travelled to 47 countries, delivered workshops in 16 countries, and call 5 countries “home”

Would LOVE to help you get through any kind of similar obstacles/hurdles you may be facing in your life. I am your biggest fan/supporter!

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