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Tom Sligting has been on stage for 25 years and has given more than 4100 performances. Most of them were unique shows especially written for a conference or business meeting. He is excellent as an opener, after lunch or closing off the day.

For twenty-five years, I have made tailor-made shows for events, company meetings, and Government, and he has given more than four thousand performances. ( 8 - 2800 people ). He has performed for the King of the Netherlands, flew to Afghanistan for a select show for the Army, and was the opening show for some famous singers, for example, Paul Anka. He is excellent as an opener, after lunch or closing of the day. My highly energetic delivery and practical takeaways inspire audiences. Clean and visual slides reinforce my message. I customize each talk to connect deeply with your viewers and make clients' events a success. They will be engaged. They will laugh. But most importantly, they will leave with a new perspective that helps them deal with the genuine stresses of change. I am a professional member of the PSA Holland (Professional Speaker Association). Company’s do not Disrupt, People do

Takeaways: Energy, reflection, humor and My six steps to Disrupt yourself. Everybody can use them the next day. It is a reminder that if you ask better questions, you will get better answers. I have some great examples of how you can be more creative and not follow the beaten path.

I know that my level of engagement, energy, and humor is unique in the Keynote world. My special 'weapon' is Catapultizer. I have a giant Catapult on stage so that I can Catapultize an Angry Bird into the audience. In the Angry Bird is a microphone so I can start a conversation that everybody can hear. When I hear a great answer, I will record them on stage so I can use that in the closing of the Keynote. That is a powerful and unique tool. I also have created yellow (caution wet floor) signs with the text Caution Disruption Ahead, a great reminder if people come to the office the next day. I even have for on your desk in a smaller size. (Disruption in progress)

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Tom Lightning