Tom Lightning

Live Conference - Welcome to Disruption Land! (Track 2 VIP Session)

A Talk by Tom Lightning (CEO | Keynote Speaker, Disruptionland)

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Welcome to Disruptionland. Companies do not disrupt; people do.

A lot of companies, so people are dealing with change. To make the difference, you have to ask yourself better questions. Welcome to Disruptionland is an energetic Keynote Speech with great content and a lot of humor that show's the way how to do that. The six steps to Disrupt Yourself are a great takeaway that your audience can use the next day. I have been on stage for twenty-five years and did more than four-thousand performances. There is also an interactive session, which can be tailor-made. Perfect if there is a theme you would like to discuss. My Catapultizer will disrupt the audience and make the room open-minded for an interactive session. Answers that will be recorded on stage so I can use them in the closing of the Keynote.

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Tom Lightning

Tom Lightning

CEO | Keynote Speaker, Disruptionland

Global Keynote Speaker