Gregg Brown

Expert Interview - Change Ready Leadership: Strategies to Create Positive Change (Track 3 VIP Session)

A Talk by Gregg Brown (Leading Change and Building Resilience | Speaker | Author, Change Ready Leadership)

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“Everyone is a leader regardless of their job title and everyone has that unique ability to shift people’s mindset during change.” – Gregg Brown

What tools are available to help us navigate change and get people we influence engaged in our ideas to be change-ready? Most of us are required to lead change – regardless of our job titles. Our clients and colleagues may think they are change-ready because of their expertise, yet no one is ready for change that might have a negative impact on them or increase the amount of work they have on their plate!

To evolve and be future ready, we need to build these capabilities as there’s no end to the multiple changes that happen at work.

In this interactive, participants will learn ways to break out of status quo change management thinking and discover people-centric approaches that actually work.

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Gregg Brown

Gregg Brown

Leading Change and Building Resilience | Speaker | Author, Change Ready Leadership