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Live Workshop - "“Who do you think you are?” – How do I manage my inner critic? And how is this limiting my leadership and my life? (Track 1 VIP Session)

A Talk by Helena Demuynck and Laura Mack , MBA

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About this Talk

In this highly interactive and deep conversation, you will spend time with Laura Mack, a world leader in facilitating Authentic Leadership Conversations™ for meaningful connection. You will experience her authentic way-of-being, where she creates a safe space for a rich conversation about one of the most unhelpful aspects of your personality – the inner critical voice that, unless managed, may keep you from realizing your potential.

Specifically, you will learn the following: 1. Everyone has an Inner Critic – you are not alone 2. Reframing the critical voice supports feeling more empowered 3. Compassion for self and others is the key

Because of the set-up of this session, seats are limited and you won't be able to join after the session begins. So make sure you are joining us 5 minutes before we start.

BONUS: One person who participants the most in the LIVE conversation will receive a free Authentic Leadership Coaching session with Laura Mack

About The Speakers

Laura Mack

Laura Mack , MBA

Certified Authentic Leadership ConversationTM Facilitator and Program Trainer, Authentic Leadership Global

Leadership and Team Development, Executive Coach, Community Engagement and Restorative Justice

Helena Demuynck

Helena Demuynck

Authentic Leadership Coach, oxygen4leadership

Authentic Leadership Coach & Facilitator