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Live Master Class - Organizational trauma by design (Track 3 VIP Session)

A Talk by Philippe Bailleur (Progression Designers, Co-Founder Progression Designers)

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Trauma by Design or how a VUCA world invites executives to become system builders.

You don't sail a whitewater river with an inland vessel. You don't do a mountain hike in a tailored suit and/or high heels.

The world in which organizations operate has also changed dramatically. And yet many organizations stick to old-school organizational practices that stand in the way of smooth functioning. People pay the price for this non-adapting on the level of Org Design. Sometimes it's a high price.

Organizational trauma can develop due to an acute incident, for example as a result of a major event such as an industrial accident, an explosion, an attack, ... However, this persistent phenomenon can also develop in a slow, less visible way with the same radical consequences for the smooth functioning of people and organization. Then, we speak about 'trauma by design'.

During this Master Class Philippe will guide you through the concept of Organizational Trauma so that you learn how to recognize it more easily. He learned that intervening too late often leads to it becoming a part of the culture of an organization, making it a virtually irreversible phenomenon.

Next, he will specifically zoom in on how people and organizations are challenged by an increasingly faster and more complex world. Exactly this brings us to a new role for managers and employees: the constant building and re-shaping of the organization in its design.

After all, if that does not happen in an adequate manner, it is not the market that will deplete people (and the company) but the fact that the company is not adjusted to fast-changing circumstances. Unfortunately, insufficient managers are trained in the field of organizational development.

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About The Speakers

Philippe Bailleur

Philippe Bailleur

Progression Designers, Co-Founder Progression Designers

20 year of experience as an Organizational, Team and Executive Coach Author of several books, articles, and blogs Keynote Speaker & Leadership trainer