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Round Table - Coaching as a Culture (Track 3 Free Session)

A Talk by Anna Aleksandra Koj , Wouter Van Linden , Sandra Leigh and Dr. Jeanette K. Winters

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About this Talk

Coaching as a culture is something that may not be discussed widely outside of leadership, organizational development, and coaching circles, but it should be. Too many times, we see organizations fill the plates of supervisors and managers so much that they only have time for the administrative aspects of their jobs. Some organizations have 100 individuals report to one supervisor who is responsible for vacation, pay, and performance reviews. Encouraging regular employee feedback and fostering an environment where leaders empower and engage their employees will help create a culture of coaching that is more meaningful and more easily assimilated into day-to-day leading.

About The Speakers

Anna Aleksandra Koj

Anna Aleksandra Koj

Change Mindset Champion, Akronos Consulting

Wouter Van Linden

Wouter Van Linden

HR Director and acting EMA Head of People, KPMG Europe, Middle East & Africa

Passionate about Performance Development, Reward Management and Inclusion & Diversity

Sandra Leigh

Sandra Leigh

Relationship Intelligence Speaker and Coach, Connect with Sandra

Jeanette K. Winters

Dr. Jeanette K. Winters

Winters Advisory Group, Winters Advisory Group

Dr. Winters is a certified Executive Coach from the Hudson Institute and a certified Talent Optimization Consultant. She also holds a certificate in neuroscience and leadership from the NeuroLeadership Institute and is certified in the Neurolink suite of tools.