Montaha Hidefi Sameer Somal Lisa Templeton

Round Table - Embracing more frequent change (Track 3 Free session)

A Talk by Montaha Hidefi MIB, CMG, PWAC , Sameer Somal CFA, CFP®, CAIA and Dr Lisa Templeton PhD

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About this Talk

Change continues to be a hot topic, because it’s happening faster, driven by rapid technological innovation, and is clearly not slowing down or going away. As a result of all the rapid changes taking place in technology and how people work, it’s more critical for leaders to demonstrate adaptability and resilience. Leaders can help their teams better embrace what’s new by communicating a positive vision of change in combination with a concept of continuity, to emphasize what stays the same. The pace and complexity of change contribute to intense emotions that play out in organizations. Fear, uncertainty, frustration, resentment, anger, depression, guilt, distrust, and a sense of unfairness can make it difficult for leaders to set direction, encourage alignment and gain commitment from the people within their organizations.

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About The Speakers

Montaha Hidefi

Montaha Hidefi MIB, CMG, PWAC

Color Archeologist | Global Speaker | Author, Color Landing Studio

Member of BoD of the American “Color Marketing Group”, President of Guelph-based Chapter of the “Professional Writers Association of Canada”, fluent in five languages, internationally acclaimed for her attention-grabbing public talks on color and trends, Montaha Hidefi considers herself a color archeologist.

Sameer Somal

Sameer Somal CFA, CFP®, CAIA

Speaker | Expert Witness | CEO, Blue Ocean Global Technology

Sameer Somal, CEO of Blue Ocean Global Technology & Co-Founder of Girl Power Talk

Lisa Templeton

Dr Lisa Templeton PhD

Clinical Psychologist | Author | Speaker | Founder, The Interpersonal Healing Center

Dr. Lisa is a clinical psychologist, author, speaker, and founder of The Interpersonal Healing Center in Broomfield, Colorado. She is the author of Letting It Be: Mindful Lessons Toward Acceptance.