The oxygen4leadership Summit 2020 is an online event and has a unique mission:

to help make a change within our leadership paradigm and to radically grow and spread the transformation capabilities of leaders throughout the world.


Here's What Others Are Saying

  • Hello Helena, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity of attending the summit! I was very impressed by the quality the speakers brought...

    Jim M.
    Jim M.


  • Wow those numbers! Thinking about you as you are about to become an authority in leadership summits, after all the efforts and hard work you put on it,...


    Well done!

  • Thanks for inviting me to take part in the 2020 conference. I was impressed at how well organized it was. I can only begin to imagine the amount of time and...

    Rick M
    Rick M


  • een warme gelukwens Helena wat een prestatie !



  • I just wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on the achievement of such an important and unique experience that you organized and provided. This is...

    Montaha H
    Montaha H


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We’ve united over 90 of the planet ’s most compelling thought leaders, specialists, and gifted individuals who live and breathe Leadership and who embody this paradigm shift towards a brand new leadership model. 

We feel both proud and grateful to be able to offer you such a rich tapestry of the best our leadership industry has to offer and trust it will deeply enrich your professional and personal life.

This exclusive online event is split up into three tracks:

Find your voice as a leader
Make your mark as a leader
Drive innovation & change

Get in the drivers' seat and join us for this live virtual conference.  You'll learn the exact strategies and tactics that successful leaders use to propel your life forward.

We are thrilled to announce                  Dr. Marshall Goldsmith as our Very Special Guest and Keynote Speaker!!!

Dr. Goldsmith was recently chosen as the inaugural winner of the Lifetime Award for Leadership by the Harvard Institute of Coaching.

Marshall is the only two-time Thinkers 50 #1 Leadership Thinker in the World and has been ranked as the World’s #1 Executive Coach and Top Ten Business Thinker the past eight years.

Don’t miss Marshalls’ Closing Keynote on Future-Proof Leadership and learn from his profound views and insights on Leadership on February 5th, 5 PM CET

Say Hello To Our Speakers

We couldn't be more excited about our lineup. Which talks will you be checking out?

Learn from amazing companies like these

Meet your summit hosts

Michel Van Amsterdam

Michel is a passionate developmental Coach and process-facilitator for individuals, groups and communities. Being educated as a medical doctor and sports teacher life guided him through a further variety of professions such as music teacher, artist, mediator and community founder. He is also the host of the Dialogue Summit: Co-Creating Change through Dialogue. He is currently based in Berlin, Germany

Helena Demuynck

Helena works with leaders and senior leadership teams who are ready to move from good to great. She helps leaders close the gap between their intentions and their actual impact. Helena creates a safe environment, preparing people to deal with real-world conflict, have more meaningful conversations, and create purposeful relationships.

She is passionate about the power of authenticity and coaches people to recognize, visualize, and actualize success.

Anna Aleksandra Koj

Anna is a Managing Partner at Akronos Consulting and an Executive Search and Leadership Consultant at EARS. Throughout her recruitment and consulting work, Anna helps individual clients to align their personal and professional vision, and organisations to identify and retain best talent.

Paul Jenkins

Paul is an award-winning documentary film director with 20 years experience making films for the BBC, PBS, Arte, and others. He created films and documentaries around the wold and now supports up and coming filmmakers and other storytellers.

Paul established Brilliantio to help people to realize their storytelling potential and gain audiences. With over 26,000 students online in 151 countries, Brilliantio's mission is just getting started!

Joining us is a no-brainer

• No drain on your valuable time, energy and resources.

• No travel time

• No cost for food, transport, and accommodation

• No opportunity cost of time spent away from the office

• No big fat conference price tag

The content shared on this platform is relevant for and relates to anyone who wants to grow professionally and personally, unlock their full potential, and be more productive and successful.

• Get a unique blend of vision, inspiration and practical skills you can immediately apply

• Leverage the Summit as a resource to transform yourself and your organization

• Network with influencers in your community who are committed to bringing more leadership in our world

• Benefit from facilitated discussions to contextualize the learnings and skills to your leadership reality

Unlike traditional summits, the oxygen4leadership Summit is highly interactive, deeply engaging, and immediately applicable to your work.

We carefully select each of our international guests not only for their expertise but for their ability to facilitate rather than just present on a topic. This means you are invited to explore a topic with them, not only have it come at you.

While delivering strong content and examples, the sessions are also aimed to provide you with valuable takeaways and actionable advice you can use immediately within your own life.

Most people spend years trying to “figure it out” — and settle for a fraction of the success. Why waste time experimenting when you can learn directly from people who’ve done what you want to do…straight from the horse’s mouth.

60+ global leadership experts and bestselling authors I've hand-selected will share empowering and cutting-edge information about the future of leadership and essential skills needed for the future.

So you can connect, learn, and co-create change and transformation in your team, organization or community.

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• Each speaker has a little extra something to give to you in the form of a freebie or summit discount.

• All VIP PASS holders will receive the MP3 audio version of the sessions, so you can take everything on the go.

• All VIP PASS holders will receive an exclusive Workbook containing the key take-aways of all sessions. Follow along with this Workbook and take notes as you watch thought leaders and experts share their experiences and ideas to help your leadership practice succeed! This bonus is for VIP PASS holders only. GRAB YOURS HERE!

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It's time to get focused and get in the driver's seat

Unlike physical conferences where you can end up sitting through the content you just don't need, The oxygen4leadership Summit is delivered entirely online. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to transform yourself and your business or catch them all. It’s up to you!

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